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4 Desk Office Suites

Privacy • Style • Convenience • Impression • Amenities

Which Suites?
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These fully furnished spacious 4 person offices suites, filled with natural light, are available for rent on a monthly or yearly lease to suit your company needs. 

Created over a spacious 21-24 sqm office, our simple, affordable and professional environment provides a contemporary space to grow your business. Spot Co-Working offers you an inviting space, conveniently located in the Adelaide CBD, that will not only impress your clients but is designed to inspire creativity, and will help you boost productivity.

With our Budget Private Office packages, Spot provides the freedom and flexibility of paying only for the space you actually need. Elevate your remote work with a prestigious business address, access to meeting rooms, hot desks, and concierge assistance when on the premises. We have packages which are perfect for a small business looking to grow!

We offer a professional, flexible, and independent work environment with no hidden extras. Enjoy a vibrant and collaborative environment, with style and amenities.

• Private Lockable Suite

16 hours Meeting Room and Boardroom usage monthly.

Our private suites come with all our standard inclusions. See the inclusions table below for further details.

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ABout SPot Coworoking

Spot Co is located on Pirie St in the heart of Adelaide's CBD, close to wonderful eateries, after work drinks, gyms and much more...

  • Natural lighting and open workspace areas for relaxing or working
  • Modern kitchens with ground coffee and tea
  • Friendly, helpful concierges
  • End-of-trip facilities with showers, changing areas, lockers, bike racks
  • Bus, tram and train links, with a large carpark close by
  • A short walk to Rundle Mall

No surprises

Flexible, Inclusive Packages

Spot provides flexible, affordable memberships to suit your work needs with friendly and helpful concierges.

Virtual Workspace Inclusions:​

A range of options to fit your needs

At Spot Co-Working, you enjoy fully furnished, lockable offices equipped with optional private amenities like boardrooms for meetings, lounges, pantries, and services such as high-speed Wi-Fi, cleaning and EOT facilities and the ability to select from various furniture layouts. Plus, get access to the building’s shared professional amenities.

Make the space your own with curated add-ons, such as increased privacy and branding.

Flexible commitments

Start running from day with yout own fully furnished office with a monthly or annual commitment. As your priorities shift, we can help you scale up or down to meet your business’s evolving needs.

Concierge services

On-site services allow you to concentrate on your business, your team or your important guests instead of worrying about arranging beverages, refreshments, and access to printing, Internet, storage or parking. Concierge services are on hand to efficiently prepare, serve, clear and clean.

Impress your clients, potential staff or shareholders

You don’t get a second chance to create a first impression, so make sure you get it right. 

Save on overheads

The expense of printers, projectors, fax machines, boardrooms, televisions, and the water cooler can quickly add up, not to mention the ongoing maintenance of office equipment and repairs.

With a private office space for rent, you’ll have access to high-quality office equipment, as well as cutting-edge technology to help your company stand out. With free access to business equipment you have room to expand your business and thrive.

Attract better staff

The expense of printers, projectors, fax machines, boardrooms, televisions, and the water cooler can quickly add up, not to mention the ongoing maintenance of office equipment and repairs.

With a private office for rent, you’ll have access to standard office equipment, as well as cutting-edge technology to help your company stand out. With free access to business equipment you have room to expand your business and thrive.

Privacy is one of the key perks of a private office suite for rent. Whether it be delicate issues like legal, human resources, or finances or simply less distractions for your salespeople, privacy boosts productivity and protects your business.

A private office space enables you to manage your staff remotely much of the time while getting them together for important activities. Employees place a higher importance on schedule flexibility than other employee perks. Work flexibility has been found to reduce the amount of vacation time employees take and improve employee turnover rates.

Employees are more productive throughout the workday when there are fewer interruptions. They can complete their tasks more quickly and with higher quality. Employee interactions are more simplified allowing them to focus on their responsibilities.

Nothing can completely replace interpersonal communication. Whether it’s a brainstorming session or a company conference, collaboration via virtual communication can be challenging. In a vibrant office atmosphere, team members can properly connect, improving their engagement in collaborative activities.

Additionally, entrepreneurs and smaller companies can benefit greatly from being part of an environment that provides networking opportunities, social gatherings and open plan collaborative spaces

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Need Some Answers?

If you don't find your answers below, please call or email us today.

Where are you located?

Spot Co-Working is located in a prime location in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, making it easily accessible for professionals and entrepreneurs alike. With convenient transport links, cafes, and shops on the doorstep, it offers a vibrant and bustling atmosphere that inspires productivity and creativity. Whether you need a private office or collaborative space, our co-working facilities are designed to cater to your needs. Being in the centre of the city, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to succeed in your business venture.

Can I tour Spot Co-Working's facilities before signing a lease?

Yes, Spot Co-Working offers tours of its facilities to potential tenants. Contact us to schedule a tour and see our co-working space for yourself.

What amenities are included in Spot Co-Working’s all-inclusive package?
Spot Co-Working’s all-inclusive package includes high-speed internet, meeting rooms, a fully stocked kitchen, 9-5 concierge support on each level, printing services, EOT facilities and much more...and no hidden fees.
How does Spot Co-Working ensure a productive and professional environment for its tenants?
Sport Co-Working has strict rules and guidelines in place to ensure that a productive and professional environment for its tenants is achieved. We also have dedicated staff that monitors the space to ensure these rules are followed by all tenants and clients.
Are there any hidden fees in Spot Co-Working’s all-inclusive package?
None! There are no hidden fees in Spot Co-Working’s all-inclusive package. What you see is what you get.
What are the hours of operation for Spot Co-Working?
Spot Co-Working is 24/7 for its tenants. Our staff is available during regular business hours. Please note the building is highly monitored for security reasons and an access card will be required to enter the building after business hours.
Are there any additional benefits of being a Spot Co-Working member?
Yes, Spot Co-Working tenants enjoy various benefits, such as access to our network of professionals, state of the art facilities, and social and networking events.
What is the duration of Spot Co-Working’s lease agreement?
Spot Co-Working offers flexible lease agreements that can range from month-to-month to long-term leases. Contact us to discuss the best lease option for you.
Can I book meeting rooms and boardrooms at Spot Co-Working as a non-member?
Yes, non-tenants can book meeting rooms at Spot Co-Working for an hourly fee. Please contact us for more information.
Does Spot Co-Working have any training rooms available for rent?
Yes, Spot Co-working has two large training rooms available for rent on both Level 3 and in the Basement.
Can I ride and store by bike to work?
Yes, Spot Co-Working offers state of the art end of trip facilities with bike storage, lockers and shower facilities for tenant use.
Is Spot Co-working affordable?
Spot Co-Working offers an all-inclusive package that makes it an affordable option for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our package covers all the essential, such as internet, utilities, kitchen facilities, so you don’t have to worry about any additional costs. With our flexible pricing options, you can choose the lease that best fits your needs and budget.

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