As a result of Covid-19, worldwide we have had to adapt and change the way we live to protect the health of ourselves and others within the community. Resultant of this, connection between individuals has been hindered through lockdowns, working from home and social distancing requirements. This lack of social interaction has left an abundance of people feeling unconnected and distanced from others within the community, and can have a drastic impact of mental health and wellness. As a co-working office space, here at Spot we pride ourselves on our community and the relationships our tenants are able to build with one another simply by being part of a co-working community.

Spot Co-Working is all inclusive, and our tenants monthly rent covers everything from the office space, printer use and meeting room usage to End of Trip facilities, kitchen facilities and tea, coffee and fresh fruit. With no sneaky addons, this makes Spot an ideal location for your business to thrive in, without the hassle of worrying about having to pay any extra fees.

Spot is filled with hard working, determined and creative like-minded people, which makes working in this environment a rewarding and enjoyable place to be. With a vast array of business types and styles, Spot is home to an extensive range of personalities which makes coming to work a unique and exciting experience by which you can meet new people and business ideas each and every day.

We understand that taking breaks throughout the working day is vital to productivity and the overall success of a business which is why we have multiple break out common room area for when you need a moment out of the office. These spaces are designed for relaxation and comfort and are the perfect place to enjoy a coffee, your lunch, or even just have a chat to a colleague or another tenant!

Thanks to all these outstanding features, Spot is the perfect place for any business type, and if you think co-working might be suitable for you, please enquire through our website!

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