Our two Meeting Rooms are perfect for all meetings with one seating 2-3 people and the other seating 4-6 people. Our Meeting Rooms are available for hourly or daily hire.


  • Hourly or daily use of our Boardroom facilities
  • Kitchen Facilities including coffee and Tea
  • Free high speed wifi
  • Telecommunications/TV
  • Whiteboard

From $40/hour + GST

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Meeting Room Hire

Host a Professional Meeting with a Meeting Room Hire

With many companies working remotely, you can now maintain a professional image when meeting with your employees or clients without having to rent office space. A meeting room hire allows you to keep your meeting private, unlike meeting at a local coffee shop or restaurant. One of the best benefits you can take advantage of when it comes to hiring a meeting room is that you can choose the size of the room, ensuring that all your employees or clients can comfortably fit in the room with enough space. At Spot Co-Working, we have numerous spacious and professional rooms of various sizes, fully furnished for you to host any meetings in.

Why You Need to Rent a Meeting Room

Even if you usually host your remote business’s meetings on an app, there are times when you’ll require a meeting room to catch up with your employees or clients in person. Having all your employees in one room together can assist with productivity as they can bounce ideas around and increase your bottom line. Here are a few reasons why you need to rent a meeting room.

Boardroom Hire
  • Creates an impression. If you’re hosting a meeting with potential clients, hiring one of our meeting rooms will allow you to give your clients the impression that you run your business professionally and not just from a small office or home.
  • Saves money. When it comes to meetings, many people’s first thought is to hire a conference room at the local hotel. This can become costly, and hiring a meeting room that is large enough for your employees or clients can save you money.
  • Amenities. Our meeting rooms come with the latest technology in terms of high-speed Internet and telecommunications and TV equipment, so you can patch in employees or clients who can’t make it or live out of town.
Spot Coworking Boardroom Hire

Mistakes People Make When It Comes to Meeting Room Hire in Adelaide

When it comes to hiring a meeting room, there are mistakes you need to avoid making to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly and that the business you discuss is kept private. Here are the most common mistakes business owners make and how you can avoid them:

  • Not planning ahead. If you’re planning on hiring a meeting room, ensure that you inquire about available dates and to find a date that all your employees are available.
  • Ensuring enough space. There are different size meeting rooms available, do a headcount before you book a room so that you can ensure that you book a room that has enough space.
  • Going cheap. All business owners want to find an affordable meeting room, however, choosing the cheapest room available may not always be best. There could be hidden costs, or the room may not come with any amenities.

Why Trust Spot Co-Working When It Comes to Adelaide Meeting Room Hire

At Spot Co-Working, we understand the need for businesses to have a suitable space to host a meeting where they have the privacy to keep the conversations private. We know when renting a space, people are often worried about hidden costs, such as the use of Internet or renting furniture; therefore, we are 100 percent transparent and offer all-inclusive packages for our customers. You can choose an Adelaide meeting room hire to rent at an hourly rate or for an entire day if you know your meeting needs time for your employees to brainstorm. You’ll also have access to our kitchen to cater for clients or employees or just for serving coffee and tea. With our high-speed Wi-Fi, you can rest assure that your online communications and presentations will be immediately available.

For more information about our meeting rooms or to make a booking, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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