Spot Co-Working offers an inviting workplace that is designed to inspire creativity. With flexible leasing options to suit all business models, Spot offers as many important extras as our tenants need.

Our tenants are powered by the knowledge of having full privacy in their office suites but the incredible convenience of all-inclusive office essentials such as desks, meeting rooms, receptionist, super-fast internet, coffee & tea, printing and so much more.

Spot offers totally tailored options to suit daily or monthly leases for a one-person business, a small team, or a gorgeous suite for 10 or more person squads.


We proud ourselves as our Spotters gain more than just an office. They benefit from an engaging environment, increased motivation, and professionalism that is unparalleled in any other Co-Working business. We maximize business prospects by developing their professional network!


How did you come up with the idea?

To be honest it was not in our plans to get in the business. But my wife and myself have been in the Industrial, Commercial and Residential Developments industry for a while and during the last years the Co-Working industry-trend started to grow, and we followed it closely until the day finally felt for it. We started to discuss the idea with our real estate agent, numbers and proposals started to come and go until we finally made the decision to give it a go.

And I’m not regretting it!


How are you related to Spot Co-Working?

Well, I’m the Managing Director of the business and I’m closely related with my staff which deals with tenants, advertising, technical issues, and other activities daily.


When did Spot Co-Working open?

We officially opened our doors October last year, 2018. By then, we already had some tenants looking for a place to carry on their activities, but it was starting from zero for us. Brand developing, advertising, furniture, and decor; everything. And we still have lots and lots to do.


How would you describe the community at Spot Co-Working?

Effective, happy and great working atmosphere. We host a lot of different companies involved in various industries, but they all share a sense of respect for the other, as well as it can be felt an air of companionship within tenants. We like to host internal events during the year in order to boost socialization, welcome new co-workers, let everyone know their mates and of course, to network.


Which services does Spot Co-Working provide?

We have different type of offices available to rent and we are flexible in terms of the length of our leases. So, at Spot Co-Working, you could join for a day on a Hot Desk as well as lease a whole private suite for your team and hang around for even a year or more.

We are also equipped with three different meeting rooms, which are of free use for our tenants or can even be rented by the day or hour.

The 3rd floor at Pirie St. in Adelaide is beautifully decorated, it transmits a very professional atmosphere. And we also have an incredible kitchen with all amenities required as well as a fully serviced printing station, a small art gallery, free books and a fantastic and very comfy reception with long tables and cozy couches for any visitor to have the best experience possible while waiting to be attended by our tenants.


What differentiates Spot Co-Working from its competitors?

Firstly, I would mention the support and effect we make to our tenant first to none.

Then, we offer a ‘One bill system’ which means you get an all-inclusive monthly fixed price, pay no more.

And should also mention our Concierges. These sweet ladies are there every weekday to ensure that our Spotter’s experience is personal and stress-free. They take care of the business in person and at the same time they are always there to receive any visitor, host events, guide potential clients through quick tours around the premises and welcome abroad all new tenants.


Who are your clients?

As said before, we host people coming from a huge range of different industries but, in general, it is entrepreneurs and directors of new and growing businesses that approach us with the need of an office space where to start carrying out their activities.


How do you see Spot Co-Working in the short and medium term?

Our prognostic is highly encouraging honestly. We have only five months since opening and we are already over 72% full.

The plan for the short term is to expand the business with another floor, opening July 2019. We are still finalizing the planning and polishing the business model, but if all work as supposed then by the end of the year we would be double of the size as we are now.

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