Having the right office space is an essential component in allowing businesses to perform at their very best. Coworking offers different types of office spaces to suit your personal and professional needs, including a private office suite, a hot desk workspace or a virtual office package. There are so many important factors to take note of when searching for an office space. The most obvious factors include size, location and price. However, technology, space layout and aesthetic appeal can be just as important.

Let’s start by looking at the different types of offices there are. A private office is a suite with a lockable door, perfect for keeping valuable items such as computers and paperwork. Private offices range in size from 1 person spaces to over 30 person spaces. They provide privacy, peace and quietness for your business to thrive in. A hot desk is an unassigned space in a communal area where you can set up a laptop or whatever else you require to work for the day. At the end of the day, you are then required to pack up your things to take home. This office space is great for flexibility as you can pack up and leave as you like. A virtual office is the most flexible of them all and great for unconventional workers. This option provides some desk use for people who work from home and occasionally want to work in an office space. Spot Co-Working offer all three of these types of offices, with many free benefits included, ensuring each business has choice in how they want to work.

When finding an office space there are essential and generally non-negotiable elements. The size of the office you need depends on how many employees there will be working in the office. A desk for each employee plus space to move about is essential. Some businesses might have items they need to store in their office as well as a bookcase, filing cabinet, cupboards for other items etc. Here at Spot Co-Working we have offices for all sizes, from 1-person small businesses to 30 person companies. Spot Co-Working also has a prime location in the center of the Adelaide CBD. With many businesses, cafes, restaurants and parks around us, we provide a great location for your business to grow and prosper. The real benefit of Spot Co-Working is our prices. All of our packages include many perks free of charge! This means that the only price you pay is your monthly rent, no other hidden fees! This includes unlimited printing, monthly meeting room usage, kitchen and end of trip facilities plus so much more!

Come in and visit the lovely team at Spot Co-Working to have a look at what office spaces we offer. We are sure we have an option that is the right fit for you and your business!

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