Returning to work this year has been an obstacle course for everyone recently and getting back into the swing of things might be easier said then done. For a lot of people, going back to work means staying in the same space we spent our holiday at, our homes. For others, you might have a chance to return to an office space which can help your mind set get back into work mode a little easier. Either way, getting through all those unread emails and unopened letters can be daunting, but there are plenty of ways to tackle the situation.

Don’t let those emails be the first thing you check in the morning; it’s only going to make you more irritated and can lead you to procrastination. Instead, take some time to organize your surrounding space. Familiarise yourself with where everything is, get yourself a coffee or water or check in with your colleagues. Those emails are still sitting there but none of them are so important that they can’t wait for an extra few minutes.
Planning out your day can help you pinpoint what tasks need to be prioritised first. Having a ‘to do’ list with a ranking of importance visible for the whole day can make the workday go by much easier and help keep your mind on track.

With a clear plan for the day, it’s time to revise those emails. Having a strategy to look over those emails will make work a little less stressful. Start by skimming through the subject titles. Flag or categorize your inbox, this can help you filter the most important messages. By focusing on one type of email, you’ll be able to power through the rest and maintain focus.

Taking the first day to organise yourself is not a big issue. You have the rest of the working week to fully get up to date and on top of your work. Everyone is going through the similar situations, so take your time. Don’t rush, it’s okay to take a bit of time to get back into the groove of things.

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