A digital nomad is somebody who uses internet technologies to work from different locations. They could be running their own business or working as a freelancer, while also travelling the world. Digital nomadism is only a recent phenomenon, and can also seem too good to be true. But it isn’t a fairy tale, and the lifestyle is attainable.

The benefits are obvious. ‘You get to live among a diverse set of cultures around the world. To experience life in a new and exciting way. It’s for those who value adventure over certainty,’ writes R.L Adams.

The feasibility of digital nomadism depends on the type of work you do, and your personal and professional goals. Some businesses and career paths rely on a fixed location, while others can function effortlessly from anywhere with Wi-Fi.

Potential careers for a digital nomad

Generally, digital nomads have businesses that are service-based. The end products are delivered via email or digital download. Graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers have the potential to work from any location, as long as they can carry their equipment with them. Artists and designers may prefer to work with less, if it means they can travel the world while they work.

Digital marketing is a service that can be provided on the road, including social media management and digital advertising. Business coaches can provide consultations via Skype, and virtual assistants can get freelance work as long as they have a computer.

The challenges

Finding enough work to make your travel sustainable is essential. You will need to be business-minded, and put effort into finding new clients, just like you would at home. This lifestyle appeals to many people because they want to travel to luxurious locations, but work still needs to be done too!

Continuous travel can also be emotionally draining – long days, new locations, constant packing and unpacking. For this reason being a digital nomad may not be something you want to do for the rest of your life. You may only travel while your business is in a start-up phase, or for a set few years so you can see the world.

Travelling to Adelaide as a digital nomad

Spot Co-working provides flexible spaces for travelling professionals to work from, whether you are a digital nomad in Adelaide for a few days or a few years. The major benefit of working in a co-working environment, as opposed to somewhere like a public library, is you will meet locals and get the chance to networking.

Travelling can be isolating, but Spot Co-working can help you meet people and make friends. Company in the workplace is good for the soul and good for business. You will broaden your professional network, learn Adelaide’s local secrets, and even make life-long friends. View our flexible membership options for more information.

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