Most people join co-working spaces to improve their lifestyle, as they can help achieve balance between family, work, and personal interests. But did you know co-working can also improve your health? 

Our bodies and minds need support, especially when we are working long hours and juggling multiple responsibilities. Co-working spaces can reduce your stress and enrich your life, to improve your overall health and well-being.

Social connections are healthy

Co-working spaces have a social foundation. They meet the needs of people who don’t want to work in isolation, even though they work for themselves. Many spaces have themes, or cater to certain types of professionals, with the goal of bringing like-minded people together.

Research studies have proven that strong social ties help humans to stay healthy, and even live longer. When we are surrounded by supportive and friendly people, we are more likely to flourish as happy and healthy individuals.

Joining a co-working space is like joining a community. Over time you will feel a sense of belonging, develop genuine friendships, and expand your professional network. Other people working in your space may help you grow your business through referrals, or even become your client themselves.

Your coworkers may also offer a listening ear and moral support, as someone to share a coffee with. Keeta Williams, a freelance copywriter, believes that professionals benefit from business networking for reasons that are non-financial. She says, ‘talking to people about your work, and listening to others talk about their work, can improve your confidence and self-esteem’.


Co-working spaces prevent isolation

Working from home is a dream that many people have. It sounds convenient and relaxing. But as many people in co-working spaces understand, working from home can also be isolating.

Freelancers and small business owners don’t always have the luxury of an extra bedroom they can turn into an office. Their work is done from their couch or dining room table, which doesn’t separate work and family life.

Co-working spaces provide comfortable and healthy working environments, that are designed to enhance productivity. Co-working spaces are built with working people in mind. There are spaces to mingle, spaces to hold meetings, and others for concentrating in privacy.

Working from home can be depressing, as it creates feelings of separation from the outside world. Working within a professional community can be motivating, creative, lively, and energizing.

Co-working promotes an active lifestyle

When you leave your home every day, you are more likely to engage in other areas of your community, not just your workplace. Consider finding a space close enough, so you can walk to work.

Going to the gym regularly is easier, when you are in a routine outside the home each week. Try scheduling your exercise before or after work. You might be more motivated to go if you have already left the house.

Travelling to, and using a designated work space, encourages incidental exercise, which is great for fitness. Going to work is good for our bodies, even if the couch at home looks more inviting!

There are many benefits to working with others, because social environments keep us healthy and happy.

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