Covid-19 pandemic is a term which 2 years ago, would have meant nothing to the vast majority of the population. However, in this ever-changing world, the global pandemic that is the Coronavirus, has altered the way we as a population live. Luckily, we are an adaptable bunch making concerted efforts to gain and maintain control over this pandemic.

The pandemic has evolved the way in which businesses operate and provide services. With ‘lockdowns’ commonly faced, the need for working from home has been brought upon a vast number of individuals since the pandemic began. An Australian Government survey revealed that 41% of Australians had reported having to work from home during February of 2021 (*Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2021). Since then, the nation has only seen an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases and working from home has become the recommended norm for a large portion of businesses.

For many juggling the challenges of working from home, and online schooling, internet access has become an even greater requirement in the home. However, this doesn’t always come so easily when several members of the household are trying to access the same internet source, resulting in slower internet speed. Those working from home are finding the increased need for AV equipment to support webinar and teleconferencing where maintaining distance from colleagues and people who aren’t in your household is recommended to protect the community.

Whilst working from home may seem appealing to begin with (the thought of rolling out of bed and spending the day in your pyjamas on your couch doesn’t seem all that bad), soon after comes the realisation that humans strongly crave social interaction and only seeing your immediate family for a prolonged period can become, well…exhausting. As for those living alone, social interaction is a necessity of life. Working from home, alone and without physical contact from anyone will drive you insane and soon enough you’ll be missing that human contact which we all crave from time to time. Working from home might seem all well and good to begin with, but staring at the same 4 white walls before finishing your workday only to take two steps into the kitchen (where you partner has all their work spread over the dining room table) is not ideal. The working population needs a stimulating environment to maintain motivation and productivity. When the workplace consists of a narrow line between home life and work life, it becomes hard to differentiate between the two and one’s mindset towards work can drastically turn negative.

At Spot Coworking we offer a solution, because we want only what is best for you and your business! Our high speed ethernet and Wi-Fi is an aspect which businesses appreciate, especially now more than ever. Our all-inclusive AV equipment and meeting room usage provides tenants with the opportunity to engage in online webinars and teleconferences at no extra cost. Our coworking environment means that tenants can interact with likeminded individuals, as well as our lovely concierge who work the desk to ensure all tenants needs are met. To say our space here at Spot is highly stimulating would be an understatement. We offer a range of desk options and office spaces. The building contains areas of bright colours to stimulate thoughts as well as a motivational wall to inspire. Each of these elements are reasons why being a part of the Spot Coworking community during the Covid-19 pandemic has made navigating through it a little bit easier.

So, if you’re struggling to work from home and looking for somewhere to change up the scenery or considering moving your business to a coworking space to improve the overall motivation and productivity of your employees, consider Spot for your next location, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

We invite you to come see our space and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee on us.

Written by Josie Wilson



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