7 Reasons to make Spot Co-Working Your Space

7 Reasons to make Spot Co-Working Your Space

It’s the things people don’t expect from Spot that make us stand out; So What’s Spot Got?

  • All Inclusive – It’s all good at Spot with no surprising extras, it’s all wrapped up in your monthly fee.
  • Chief Visionary Officer – The brilliant face of Spot, Elise Gordon, is here to make your work day as productive as possible.
  • Cost Effective – Only pay for what you need with multiple leasing options to ensure your money goes where you need it to.
  • Location – In the heart of Adelaide CBD, need we say more?
  • Networking– Collaborative and supportive environment to suffer through the Monday-itis with.
  • Flexibility– Only want to stay for 3 months, done! But we bet you’ll want to stay longer.
  • Vision– It’s more than office space. It’s being environmentally friendly, community conscious and locally supportive.

What is Co-Working?
To put it simply, Co-Working at Spot is just a more flexible and accommodating corporate office environment.  Some spaces are shared with other local entrepreneurs or we have small suites ranging from 2 people to 10 people for the companies who are growing. You can choose to have all your extra’s like printing and internet included or set up yourself. We provide the space and then help you make it your own.

Office Lease vs Co-Working Lease
What’s the difference you ask? You are still leasing a space to utilise for your business purposes, BUT we offer better solutions. When leasing with Spot you get more options. A bigger selection of Office sizes, optional inclusions and better pricing, and not to mention the flexible lease terms. Only need it for 6 months. Perfect, we’ve got you covered.

All inclusive
Know where your money is going. Printing, Internet, Utilities and Even Coffee are available to every tenant. One bill, once a month for all those little extras. That means you can put your money back into our business to grow.

Chief Visionary Officer
Need an Accountant? No worries, we know one.
Need a Jellyfish trainer? Well, we don’t have one on speed dial, but we will absolutely help you find one.
Elise Gordon is our master Chief Visionary Officer and has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects. She has a vast portfolio of collaborative sources to help you with your business not to mention her own skills.
It’s rare that businesses include such a helpful hand in your business, but at Spot we will give you two hands, if you need it.

Cost Effective
Instead of spending thousands working from an office that’s too big for your needs, come to Spot and find the right office to suit you and your team. No wasted square metres eating into your revenue.

Adelaide CBD. The hub of the business market in South Australia. Pirie Street is alive with corporate offices and business professionals. It’s where you should be too.

When you have a small business sometimes it’s hard to get out and meet other like-minded individuals. At Spot, it’s easy! We introduce you to every one of our Spot Co-Working tenants and host regular social events. It’s no accident that we have planned our offices the way we have. We encourage everyone to get to know each other and collaborate effectively.

We always strive to accommodate all businesses in their search for corporate accommodations. We are flexible with our options and pricing to cater to you and your business. Spot understands that all businesses go through a journey and we wish to nurture that as best we can.

At Spot, Our Chief Visionary Officer, Elise, has such a remarkable drive to create a beautiful and functional space for our tenants. What they might not know is that we have a 5-star energy rating. We have a continuous charity program that all our tenants are encouraged to take part in. We host a rolling display of local artists in our gallery that guests are welcome to purchase. It’s these things that make us more then a business, we are a family.

Get it touch with us now to organise a tour of your future space at Spot!
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