Adelaide is well-known for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. Our city stands out in these areas despite being geographically challenged. Many people think that entrepreneurs can only thrive in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, but Adelaide proves them wrong.

If you are considering launching a startup or small business, Adelaide has many resources to offer. Everyone needs help in business, so take as much as you can get. Surround yourself by other entrepreneurial thinkers and make the most of the local services on offer.

1. Government initiatives

The State Government, Adelaide City Council and Brand South Australia are great starting points for researching a new business. Both are actively involved in initiatives like Entrepreneurs Week, a collection of events in Adelaide with an entrepreneurial focus.

2. Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are perfect for entrepreneurs needing a flexible office to work from. These spaces are suitable for entrepreneurs travelling to Adelaide for a short time, or professionals who only want to hire a desk part-time. As your business grows, the way you use your coworking space can grow too. You may increase the hours you work there, or even bring in new employees. Coworking will also help you expand your professional network and surround you with other people in business.

3. Local freelancers

When starting up a business, you may be doing it alone. Local freelancers can be an incredible resource, as you can hire them for one-off or ongoing projects, depending on your needs. New business development and marketing usually requires the services of a graphic designer, web site designer, and copywriter. Adelaide is abundant with skilled and experienced freelancers, who can help you grow your business without employing permanent staff members.

4. Meetups and groups

Adelaide has a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who team up regularly for meetings and groups. Some groups are very broad and welcome anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Others are more specialist, and revolve around themes like technology, web development, business women, or professional networking. Teaming up with others can help you learn new skills, and bounce ideas off other people.

5. Affordability

South Australia is an attractive place for setting up and launching a business, because of its affordability. Rent and living conditions are much cheaper than in other Australian states, because of the remote location. Businesses can overcome this by using internet technologies that allow them to buy, sell and communicate, even from remote areas. Affordability and local support makes Adelaide an excellent location for migrant entrepreneurs.


Adelaide makes the dream of becoming an entrepreneur more of a reality. Creating your own business can often be daunting, as it involves risks and compromises. But in a city like Adelaide, you will find supportive and positive people, and innovative resources to help your business succeed and grow.

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